Willkommen bei den Munich Bluegrass Friends e.V.




An alle, die das 5. Munich Bluegrass Festival 2015 besucht haben.


Danke auch an alle Bands


 The Sons of Navarone


 Black Jack


Blue Side of Town


Grass Root Ties


B471 Reloaded & special Guests


Strictly Bluegrass


besonderen Dank an

Peter Brüning

für die tollen Fotos


das Team vom Schlosszelt

und ganz besonders

Martin Kanzow

für den super Sound!


Es war ein wuderschönes Bluegrass Wochenende

Bilder vom Festival


Bilder von Peter Brüning


Session Tag 1

1. Session

2. Session


 22. B 471

Angelika Torrie EBMA und MBGF Präsident Bernhard Schormair

24. Begrƒung


25. B 471

Grass Root Ties

34. Grass Root Ties

37. Grass Root Ties

The Sons Of Navarone

46. Sons of Navarone

47. Sons of Navarone


48. Zuhrer

Session Tag 2

2.   Session

4.   Session

5.   Session

15. Session



 18. Nachwuchs

30. Nachwuchs

Strictly Bluegrass

34. Strictly Bluegrass

35. Stritly Bluegrass

37. Strictly Bluegrass

38. Strictly Bluegrass

EBMA Award

42. Award

43. Award

48. Award

49. Award

51. Award

52. Award

53. Award

56. Award

57. Award

Blue Side Of Town

60. Blue Side Of Town

61. Blue Side Of Town

62. Blue Side Of Town

Black Jack

66. Black Jack

67. Black Jack

68. Black Jack

69. BLack Jack

Das war unser Munich Bluegrass Festival 2015


Plakat 2015-web

Weitere Infos: http://www.munichbluegrassfestival.de


nur noch an der Abendkasse!


Diese Bands treten am Festival auf,


The Sons of Navarone

son 3


aus Belgien

La Roche 2012 Sieger im European Bluegrass Band Contest



 Black Jack


aus Tschechien

La Roche 2011 Sieger im European Bluegrass Band Contest
EWOB 2009 Sieger Audience Award

Blue Side of Town



aus Deutschland

Freiburger Top-Bluegrass Band
nationale und internationale Auftritte bei den wichtigsten Bluegrass Festivals
Teilnehmer im European Bluegrass Band Contest in La Roche

Grass Root Ties
mit internationaler Besetzung:


Die Fünf Musiker gehören zu Europas Bluegrass-Elite,
sie stammen aus den USA, England und Deutschland.


Strictly Bluegrass


sb geb fest gre

from Munich, Germany

Homepage: http://www.strictly-bluegrass.de/

one of the best bands from the local Munich bluegrass scene.

Band played the Greven Bluegrass Festival, Bluegrass Festival Kutzenhausen/France,

Bluegrass Summit Bühl/Germany.



Saller  Friends k
from Munich, Germany

Gerhard Saller is one of the best Bluegrass Flatpickers in Germany.

He will have top notch bluegrass „friends“ in his band for the Munich Bluegrass Festival.

 Featuring Rico Waldmann, Gerhard Pehland






Invitation to the 2015 European Bluegrass Gathering


Dear European Bluegrass Friends,

Since 2009, a highlight in the European bluegrass calendar has been the annual meeting in early spring where musicians, fans, event organisers and other activists share ideas and plan coordinated development initiatives for Bluegrass across Europe.
The EBMA is now happy to confirm that arrangements have been made for the 2015 European Bluegrass Gathering (formerly “Summit”) to be held on the weekend of 13-15 March 2015 in Munich, Germany.
The Gathering is open to all, professionals and non-professionals, members and non-members of the European or other bluegrass associations, and previous participants include fans, musicians, promoters, journalists, webmasters, national association reps and anyone else with a personal, professional or organisational interest in Bluegrass in Europe.
The meeting will follow up on plans laid out last year in Prague and and will be hosted by the Munich Bluegrass Friends and their 5th Munich Bluegrass Festival.
Everybody is invited, from all European regions, and we hope to make the 2015 European Bluegrass Gathering a unique event for everybody involved.
Costs and arrangements for travel, food and accommodation as usual are the entire responsibility of the participants. The gathering will be limited to 60 delegates and early booking (in particular of rooms) is advised. Detailed information and registration to be online shortly at our website.
Please help us spread the word to people you think should attend this gathering.
Kind regards,
Angelika Torrie, Chairman of EBMA

Munich Bluegrass Night E-Mail

Bilder von der Munich Bluegrass Night

am 31.10.2014


Wir danken den Bands, Blue Side Of Town und Grass Root Ties für den wunderschönen Abend.



Blue Side Of Town

bsot 01


bsot 02


bsot 03


bsot 04



bsot 05


Moderator Johnny Yuma


jy 01


Grass Root Ties

grt 01


grt 02


 grt 03

grt 04

grt 05